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Unsigned Painting



Sheep at Pasture; Farm Oil Painting Unsigned 12”x18”; Framed


Vintage Unsigned Canvas Oil Painting with Gold Ornate Wood Frame 12.5"x14.5"


Antique/ Vintage Small Impressionist Painting Unsigned Mystery Artist


Two watercolor illustrations art deco hand painted unsigned


Antique Oil Painting of Dancers on Canvas in Heavy Gold Leaf Frame Unsigned


Vintage God Or Man bowling Sci Fi outerspace illustration art painting unsigned


Springtime Birds on a Branch Unsigned Original Acrylic Painting on Wood 13x14


Vintage Impasto Impressionist Painting in Frame 10 x 8, unsigned


Unsigned Vintage PORTRAIT Original BOY/GIRL OIL/CANVAS Small Painting FRAMED ART


Antique Unsigned Oil Painting On Wood Panel In Ornate Gilt Thick Wooden Frame


Antique Oil Painting On Canvas Ship on Stormy High Seas in Gold Frame Unsigned


Vintage Unsigned Canvas Oil Painting with Gold Ornate Wood Frame 12"x14"


Antique Oil on Wood Painting w/Newer Gold Leaf Frame; Unsigned


Antique Log Cabin w/ Clothesline Original Oil Painting Ornate Frame Unsigned


Antique Naive Hudson River School Style Unsigned Oil on AB Landscape Painting


Antique Oil Painting On A Wood The Portrait of Girl With Toys 8" x 10" Unsigned


Impasto Oil Painting of City Street - Unsigned


Vintage Regionalist Texas Landscape Prickly Pear Cactus Oil Painting Unsigned


Vintage Miniature Texas Landscape Oil Paintings (1 Bluebonnets) Unsigned 4"x5"


Antique Creek Bridge Trees Mountains Landscape Unsigned Oil on Board Painting


Antique Man Fishing on Serene Lake Oil on A/B Outsider Naive Painting Unsigned


Antique F Matzow Oil on Canvas Landscape Painting Handel Lamp Artist unsigned


Old Original Framed Unsigned Primitive Jagged Mountains Landscape Oil Painting


ANTIQUE OIL PAINTING__Curious Beachhouse__16"x12"__Unsigned/Unframed__SHIPS FREE


Sailboat Painting Original Framed Unsigned 27”x23” Free Ship


Antique Fruit Still Life Painting, American School Late 19th C New York Unsigned


Wild Horses in Mountain Valley Unsigned Original Acrylic Painting Framed 23x27


Vintage Unsigned Aerospace Space Age United State Rocket Launch Painting Board


Beautiful unsigned 1960s floral bouquet watercolor painting